4th year undergraduate students from the Civil Engineering Department of Auckland University, based in New Zealand, took part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their Construction Management related module.

The students were split into 48 teams, and competing over 8 rounds, or two simulated years, between March and May 2019.

Competition Details
The final league table
The story, period by period
Comparative assessment of all teams

THE FINAL RESULT:  "'Bill Ding' hold off their rivals to become Champions"

In a tense final round consistency once more proved the key to success. Since period 5 "Bill Ding Works" grew by 27%, 5%, 13%, 5%, 7%, 7%, 4%, 5%, and that ultimately was the decisive figure as they pulled away from their nearest rivals in period 12 to extend their lead at the top of the table to a comfortable 92 points to deservedly become the Auckland University Enginuity 2019 Champions with an impressive finishing score of 1,956 pts. Behind the Champions it was "Jobecco Consultants", who had shared the lead for so long who climbed 2 places to a well earned Runners Up spot, but only just as "VICHNZ Consulting Limited" slipped back to third, and further back "Garrison Heirson" posted stunning growth figures of 13%, the best in the quarter, to propell themselves up 8 places for a top 6 finish.

In the final analysis every team finished with stronger, more sustainable companies than when they took over in period 5, a testament to the skill and application shown by the management teams in what was a roller coaster of a journey through 2 simulated years of management.