GSTM, The Global School of Technology & Management based in Singapore are delivering an Enginuity Competition on behalf of the School of the Built Environment at Birmingham City University as part of the module 'Business Management' for students on the MSc Construction Project Management, MSc Quantity Surveying and MSc Building Surveying.

The students are split into 2 teams, and competing over 5 rounds, or one and a quarter simulated years, between November and December 2020.

Competition Details
The league table at the end of period 5
The story, period by period

PERIOD 5:  "'Crystal Pte Ltd' are the early pacesetters!"

After a period of trialling the Birmingham City University / GSTM (The Global School of Technology & Management, Singapore) Enginuity 2020 Competition is underway, with a small but competitive field of teams battling for supremacy against their peers. And so to the early action, and the early pacesetters after impressive 25% growth are "Crystal Pte Ltd" with 1,248 pts, but they cannot rest on their laurels as "CIKL Construction" are only 18 points in what promises to be an intriguing 5-round shoot out between the two antagonists.

The early signs are that the competition will be very competitive, with all the teams improving their overall position in period 5. However, this was not unexpected. After being formed at the beginning of period 1, overhead costs were incurred whilst the companies were being established, without any profits being generated. The companies were now in a position to generate profits against a more stable overhead base, and this was reflected in improved operating profits. Of course, growth will be impossible without an effective strategy, and all the management teams have had time to think about this carefully, and come up with a set of objectives to deliver business success for their stakeholders.