ENGINUITY 2021 is the Global Business Management Competition for the Construction Industry.

Taking part in ENGINUITY 2021 gives participants the opportunity to develop a better understanding of how a modern multinational construction business operates, providing a unique, relevant and effective management training experience for today's construction professionals worldwide.

Teams are given the task of taking over and running a fledgling UK-based construction company operating worldwide for a simulated number of years from 2021 onwards.

Key decisions need to be made to manage the business in a dynamic 'real life' environment, with jobs, clients, competitors and people worldwide, resulting in unique challenges and opportunities, and requiring some special management skills to be successful.

The competition runs over 2 stages.


The preliminary stage, also known as the Early Years, will be run over 8 weekly rounds between March and April.

Each team competes for work against a number of 'fictional' rival companies. Each one has their own unique profile and bidding history, and a careful assessment of the opposition is required to formulate an effective procurement strategy. The dynamics of this stage enable the teams to appreciate the impact of each decision they make.


The leading 12 teams at the end of the preliminary rounds will be invited to compete in the final, played over a further 6 rounds during 2 weeks in May, to determine the 2021 Champions.

During the final the teams compete against each other for not only work, but also the services of project managers. This creates an even more uncertain and pressurised environment in which the skills and team dynamics formed in the early years are really put to the test.