Undergraduate Civil Engineering students from the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering are taking part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their module 'Commercial Management'.

The students are split into 25 teams, and competing over 6 rounds, or one and a half simulated years, between January and April 2020.

Competition Details
The league table at the end of period 5
The story, period by period

PERIOD 5:  "'N7' are the early pacesetters, but only just"

After some intensive trialling the University of Manchester Enginuity 2020 competition is underway, with a large field of student teams battling for supremacy against their peers. And what a start for "N7" as they shot straight to the top of the table with 1,323 pts at the end of period 5 after an impressive 32% growth during the quarter. However, the leaders cannot rest on their laurels as the chasing pack is close behind, led by "Tenacity", the "X-men" and "886", and very litle separates the leading teams. With so many teams starting well, there are sure to be plenty of twists in the weeks ahead as the journey through the Early Years unfolds.

The early signs are that the competition will be very competitive, with all the teams improving their overall position in period 5. However, this was not unexpected. After being formed at the beginning of period 1, overhead costs were incurred whilst the companies were being established, without any profits being generated. The companies were now in a position to generate profits against a more stable overhead base, and this was reflected in improved operating profits. Of course, growth will be impossible without an effective strategy, and all the management teams have had time to think about this carefully, and come up with a set of objectives to deliver business success for their stakeholders.