Postgraduate students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are taking part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their module Engineering Contract & Procurement.

The students are split into 34 teams, and competing over 8 rounds, or two simulated years, between August and October 2021.

Competition Details
The league table at the end of period 8
The story, period by period

PERIOD 8:  "The 'Golddiggers' strike it rich!"

In a quarter of growth for many teams, plaudits must go to the "Golddiggers". After langishing at the foot of the table since the Competition began, their fortunes took a turn for the better with a 12% improvement that moved them well away from the basement, and also helped to stave off a shareholder rebellion that threatened to dislodge their management team.

Further up the team the best performance in period 8 came from "Harry's Angels", whose eye catching 18% improvement catapulted them 18 places up the table to 11th, once more demonstrating what can be achieved in one round with a set of effective decisions.

At the very top of the table "Alpha Engineering" moved onto 1,571 pts, slightly extending their lead over "Titan" to around 50 points. Just behind the leading there was 9% growth from both the "Avengineers", who moved back up to 3rd, and "The Policy Makers", now up to their highest position to date in 4th. It is very close between all the teams from 3rd down to 6th with just 16 points between, and as the teams now enter the second half of the Competition there is a lot still to play for before the identity of the 2021 Champions is revealed. Watch this space!