The ENGINUITY Competition forms part of the Mercury Engineering Graduate Development Programme.

It enables the graduates to consolidate their learning and experience acquired to date, and apply business acumen in a competitive simulation exercise designed to challenge leadership and management skills, by putting them in the 'hot seat' running their own global construction contracting business.

10 teams took part in the Competition, consisting of 6 'human' teams and 4 'virtual' teams. They competed for 8 rounds against computer-simulated companies, and then a further 4 rounds 'head to head' against each other from October 2018 until February 2019.

Competition Details
The final league table
The story, period by period
Comparative assessment of all teams

THE FINAL RESULT:  "A dramatic final twist sees "Au Construction" crowned Champions!"

In one of the most dramatic twists in any Enginuity Competition ran over the last 10 years, 8% growth from "Au Construction", the best of any team in period 16, was enough to see hem leapfrog the seemingly unassailable "BBWC" to be crowned the Mercury Engineering Enginuity 2019 Champions with an impressive 2,187 pts; an incredible achievement, but only by 2 points!

So where did it all go wrong for "BBWC" ? The leaders for so long had a bulging order book, and with their capital base nearly fully utilised they were only able to win 7m of work, and unfortunately they lost their one and only bid to a close rival, "RS3 Engineering" due to a worse client relationship, and it saw their forward workload fall dramatically after progressing a lot of work in period 16, which was enough to see them drop into the Runners Up position. "RS3 Engineering" remained in 3rd, with "LDMC Engineering" finishing 4th, and at the wrong end of the table "ET6 Construction" continued to post more positive growth figures to suggest they would soon be climbing the table if the competition had carried on.

In the final analysis every team finished with stronger, more sustainable companies than when they took over in period 5, a testament to the skill and application shown by the management teams in what was a roller coaster of a journey through 3 simulated years of management.