PORT 2019

Postgraduate students from the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying (SCES) are taking part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their module Strategic and General Management in Construction

There are 10 teams competing over 12 rounds, or three simulated years, between October 2019 and February 2020.

Competition Details
The league table at the end of period 8
The story, period by period

PERIOD 8:  "The "A-Team" continue their march up the table!"

When you hit rock bottom it is easy to feel sorry for yourself, and retreat into your shell, but the management team of the "A-Team" are made of sterner stuff, and two consecutive periods of 15 and 7% growth respectively has seen them climb from 10th to 5th, and in touching distance of the leaders. Only 18 points now separates 2nd placed "Advocates", "SMC-1920" and "Rainbow Flashes", but it was the leaders, with 8% growth, who posted the best results in period 8 and it enabled "UNITED" with 1,544 pts to finally put some daylight between themslves and the chasing pack, at least for now. At the other end of the table the problems are beginning to mount for previous high flyers "Lions Gate Construction (LGC)", who declined by 9% after failing to win any new work. However, a inside source let slip that this was not unexpected, and that the completion of a number of key projects should see an influx of new work in the near future.