Year  Timeframe Winners Management Team Awards
2020 March to June "Building Suspense"
(United States)
Kevin Haff
Rigdha Banerjee
Umit Can Oksuz
Yingying Huang Fernandes
Brian Kellogg
2019 March to May "Capitol Based"
(United States)
Caroline Rice
Brian Pourciau
Aaron Mihalik
Joseph Cirafici
2018 March to May "Just Crazy Enough To Work"
(United States)
Vincent Favale
Joseph Salvo
Brendan Tyler
2017 March to May "Never Tell Me The Odds"
(United States)
Vincent Favale
Brendan Tyler
Matthew Beller
Joseph Salvo
2016 March to May "OPM d.o.o."
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Bogdan Kosanovic
Milos Mitrovic
Svetlana Krstic
Jelena Jovanovic
Branislav Jelkic
2015 March to May "Newbee"
Jian Yu
Roshni Wijesekera
Aby John
2014 March to May "Aspire Bridges"
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Hossam Mustafa
Ben O'Connor
Ren Fu
Nicolas Geroudes
Chris Scholes
2013 March to May "Pbers"
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Chris Gregory
Matthew Lupton
Michail Gordijenko
Christopher Chung
2012 February to May "Macaronage"
(New Zealand)
Jason Lim
Karen Stokes
Kevin Ng
Ying Yang
Ijma Pradhan
2011 February to April "Will it Wobble ?"
Campbell Reith Consulting Engineers
Steve Tresise
Simon Foakes
Rhyadd Watkins
Neal Murphy
Michael Jakacki
Sam Cherrett
2010 February to April "Fluor 1"
Sander Harink
Oscar Schot
Ana Franco Domingo
Robbert Henrichs
Emmett Lang Valle
Nicolas Aubin