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Construction Project Management MSc students from the School of the Built Environment at Birmingham City University are taking part in an Enginuity Competition as part of their module 'Business Management', being delivered by the CPE (Continuous Professional education Centre) in Hong Kong.

The students are split into 4 teams, and competing over 5 rounds, or one and a quarter simulated years, between January and March 2024.

The league table at the end of period 6
The story, period by period

PERIOD 6:  "The 'VFP Group' stay top after a tough period"

After the impressive growth figures posted in period 5, not unexpectedly period 6 proved to be a much tougher quarter. This was largely driven by the companies being unable to win as much work as they had previously, with the corresponding reduction in forward workload and margin KPIs.

There was no change at the top of the table as the "VFP Company", despite a 10% decline which saw their KPI total slip to 1,224 pts, were still able to hold off the challenge of "Star", who moved up one place to second. The "Excellent Construction Limited" had a particularly tough quarter as they failed to win any new work in period 6, which saw their forward workload and margin KPIs tumble, and they will need to look carefully at their bidding strategy to set margins that are competitive enough to enable them to bounce back in period 7 and boost their order book.

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