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Undergraduate students from the School of the Built Environment took part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their modules Enterprise Management in Construction and Development (BSc Construction Project Management) and Financial Appraisal and Commercial Management (BSc Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management).

There were 13 teams competing over 8 rounds, or two simulated years, between October and November 2023.

The final league table
The story, period by period

THE FINAL RESULT:  "Timing proves decisive as 'Brookes The Builder' are crowned Champions!"

After taking what seemed like an unassailable lead going into the final round, behind the scenes the "JACE Group" had almost filled their order book, and the amount of work that their Capital Base could support, and this limited the amount of work they could win in period 12, opening the door for "Brookes the Builder", with 6% growth to replace them at the top of the table to become the Oxford Brookes University Enginuity 2023 Champions with an impressive finishing score of 1,724 pts, and a decisive margin of victory of well over 100 points.

Behind the top two "Bricking It" moved up one place to 3rd, with "Not My Job Ltd" dropping back to 4th. The best performance in the final round, 8% growth, came jointly from "Nailed It Construction" and "Bricked Up", with the former winning 3 new contracts, and and encoragingly 11 of the 13 teams picked up some new work.

In the final analysis 12 of the 13 teams finished with stronger, more sustainable companies than when they took over in period 5, a testament to the skill and application shown by the management teams in what was a roller coaster of a journey through 2 simulated years of management, with the second one particularly tough with the increased pressure to win new work.

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