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FT1 and PT2 Construction Project Management MSc students from the School of the Built Environment are taking part in their own internal Enginuity Competition as part of their module 'Business Management'.

The students are split into 10 teams, and competing over 5 rounds, or one and a quarter simulated years, between January and March 2024.

The final league table
The story, period by period
Comparative assessment of all teams

PERIOD 9:  "Timing proves decisive as 'Beehive' are Champions"

There is an old saying that 'timing is everything', and that was demonstrated to perfection in the final round. "Beehive", who had been buzzing around the top of the table from the beginning, won a lot of new work in period 9 to bolster their order book, and their soaring forward workload and margin KPIs enabled them to leapfrog the 3 teams above them to become the Birmingham City University (A) Enginuity 2024 Champions with a very impressive finishing score of 1,531 pts, and a decisive margin of victory of just over 50 points.

Behind the Champions previous leaders "VictorianVista Construction" dropped back on place to finish Runners Up, with the "Corporate Catalysts" holding onto 3rd position. During the Competition no team had been able to hold onto the lead for more than one round, showing how closely match the team were, and there were some impressive finishing performances with growth across the board, and none more so than the teams battling at the wrong end of the table with 20% and 18% improvements from "VAHA" and "PSWM Ltd" respectively.

In the final analysis all of the teams finished with stronger, more sustainable companies than when they took over in period 5, a testament to the skill and application shown by the management teams in what was a roller coaster of a journey through 5 simulated quarters of management.

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